01 March 2011

Andrea Shichida 27Feb11

Followed andrea to shichida class for feb (full month)! I alternate with hubby, next month i will go with ben. What's new from andrea's class:

1. Imaging - the last time i went with andrea, sensei asked to imagine something and will take out something for the kids to play with. Now, sensei asked to imagine something/ event and they will describe it to sensei. 
2. peg memory, flash memory (the kids say out what's the next card, weekly will add two more cards), memory linking (weekly read all 50 cards, still reading, no testing yet, dunno when is it going to test, last time was 10 a week), body parts memory (weekly to remember 5 but will show all 50 in one go)
3. using marker now to do maths, maze, some random activities
4. mandala (heard heguru starts this earlier, shichida only start in year 4 class)
5. Multiplication! 

It's getting complicated for a 4 year old i feel. Andrea's memory not bad but flash memory abit poor. I on the other hand training my third eye to do ESP. keke ... Next week gonna spank ben's buttock during shichida class! 

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