09 March 2011

Ben Shichida 6Mar2011

Ben 'eat' the energy ball with style! lol ... he does all the hand rubbing himself and compress the energy ball. VERY CUTE! I helped him to splash down and wash away the bad energy. Ben is able to follow instruction from sensei now, i would say 70% he can, 30% of his time he prefers to walk around touching sensei's stuff or just want to dig my bag or other mummy's bag. He still absolutely love all the songs sang by sensei. There is no pressure for him to be able to do EVERYTHING in the class as i understand his concentration span is still short and as long as he is listening it's GOOD enough already. Most importantly i can see that he enjoy going to class. Or else i would stop him from going .... quite taxing to bring him around ... he is a super ACTIVE toddler!

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