08 March 2011

5 Years Service Award

I Finally got my 5 years award vase (i choose) from Royal Selangor. It's pretty small, but it's good enough for just looking at it. I feel joy when receiving it from my manager, i don't know why, lol! 

I have been in and out of IBM and they accumulate my years of service, not bad eh. IBM pays all my delivery fee (75%) and all my kids medical fee (75%, if emergency then it's 100%). I've got 18 days annual leave too based on my years of service, regardless I have gone to citibank in year 2007. IBM is really generous and I feel very grateful for serving this company, although some unhappy things happen like getting my band 7 (which i see it as insignificant) - I know it's my negative ego. It makes no difference to my pay, only the band changes, I have too much anger and will power to fight last time. I prefer peace now and I can handle it quite well for the time being :) 

I'm not selling IBM, there are many people here suffers too. baseline is, Love your job and appreciate what you have and have goal/vision for the life you want - any job you are in, you can have similar experience that you have imagine/visualized in your mind's eye. When i was in citibank, my life there is also very easy, not stressful and i can go shopping in KLCC and Pavillion. Back in IBM has MORE benefit, beside not stressful and shopping, i can work from home and is flexible. Your attitude determines your life. God Bless You :)

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