03 March 2011

Healing Crisis

What I've been thru could be a healing crisis, was so doubtful because I don't know what causes it:
(1) Weekend food (but hubby eat it as well & the kids - all of them were OK)
(2) Thursday SRT clearing (sunday only not feeling well?)
(3) Menstrual - was feeling fatigue on sunday, thought i had anemia 
(4) from Andrea (cannot be, i healed her thru energy only and i did not wash her buttock after she poo)

Now I confirm it's (2) - SRT clearing (energy healing). Clearing using SRT can be as same effect as lying down to be healed thru energy? That's really weird too. Entities usually clinging on to our will centre - solar plexus chakra and this could explain why i'm having stomach upset then lead to diarrhea. I always have stomach problem - digestion problem. After all that is cleared, my body goes thru a healing crisis and i think my liver too, as of today my stool is still pale yellow. Alot of gas in my tummy, until today still has alot of gas, but I'm feeling much better - energy wise has restored to 70%. 

Another weird thing is, i did reiki in the morning:
(a) yesterday morning, when i call upon mahatma energy - i saw pink colour energy shining out from my heart chakra. by the way, mahatma energy suppose to be golden colour (from one website). It feel so weird, i don't know if the colour will contradict each other, i just concentrate on my golden energy ball.
(b) this morning, when i call upon mahatma energy - i saw green colour energy. I don't know what does it mean. why suddenly i can see so many colours. What i mean is seeing with my third eye not my physical eyes. Need to check it out from KW. 

Need to be more aware of the changes since now I'm a brand new me.
(1) I do not react as fast as last time - angry/ worry/ upset - I felt that i have peace in me
(2) Things around me seems to go very slowly now
(3) band 7, i haven't got it yet and i don't feel as emotional when my manager tried to explain it to me. Last time i will judge her by telling myself that actually she doesn't want to give me. it's not important to me now. 
(4) when things don't go my way, like yesterday i sent andrea to school 3 cars honk at me. I don't know what i did wrong, well maybe i want to go into their lane but that is no wrong right, maybe i was feeling unwell and i'm attracting lower vibration energy people hence they are impatient and rude. I did use my third eye and my physical eye to stare at one of the driver like an evil cat, but later i cut my energy cord with that person. I DO NOT Want to see him in my next life. CHOI! I'm not bothered by these anymore whereas last time i will curse and honk back or use hand signal 'what are u doing' sign. 

Will see how long it will remain in me. lol .... I do not want to become a full time healer, i want to have a healing centre in Kota Kinabalu - the place has to be near the sea or forest. It can be a place for people to have healing/ reiki retreat. I'm a provider for the place and will do healing when only necessary. I want to enjoy my current life and also to be with my children and family. Guardian Angels. Guide me. 

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