21 March 2011


How many books had i read this far for 2011:

1. Soul Psychology by Joshua David Stone
Read this, was confuse and asked around who should i call upon for ascended master. My reiki Master ignored me, then i've got the answer myself from myself. It's good that KW ignore me so that i believe myself more and i would always seek answer inside instead of begging people for answer. Thanks so much. I learnt about psychology - traditional way and spiritual way, why traditional way cannot heal our root - this author is a psychologist. This book also gets really deep for me (for now i guess - may need to revisit) towards the end of the book - talks about rays and all
What i learnt:
a. negative ego invade our subconscious mind because we let it wonder and never take control of it.
b. To claim self power. We have 3 minds - Super conscious mind (spiritual mind) - Conscious mind (Reasoning Mind) - Subconscious mind (Non-reasoning mind) that balance our four bodies - spiritual, mental, emotional and physical
eg. Conscious mind is the gardener plant the seeds (thoughts) and the soil is (sub conscious mind) grows whatever kind of seed is planted. in the nutshell - talk to your subconscious mind, give it a goal with emotion of course - re-program it
c. other stuff is very much spiritual like self love, create golden protective bubble and provide some tools for healing emotions - meditation with lots of visualization
d. learnt about we have physical body, etheric body, astral body and other bodies which is too deep for me now. when meditate please ask yourself to clear away negative energy and replace it with love, seal and repair your etheric body. Only positive vibration can enter
e. Reminder to myself:  Reading too much and not meditating enough, wasting too much time watching TV, Needing to be liked, loved or approved of [Don't do these!]

I have then wrote a letter to my subconscious mind because i notice that i have not been giving goals or command to myself for such a long time, since i've given birth to andrea. I now have goal for my subconscious mind, 2-3 days later, i found the following book and surprisingly it's the best financial book i've ever read! It talks about MONEY and Subconscious mind! Anyway you can read this to apply to other areas of your life like relationships and health. It's the same principle. Thanks highself/ angels for leading me to pick up this book. I hope i could transform my life as i have goals for this lifetime too :)

2. Secrets of the millionaire mind by T.Harv Eker

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