03 March 2011

Year Group Placement

If I have more determination, If I'm more Lucky
My kids will have a chance to enter International school
It's not about face value, as my dad always condemn
It's about human learning and how fast we complete the cycle for this lifetime
[baby, toddler, teenager, graduating, job, married, having kids, bring them up, sick, dead + spiritual growth]
Don't you feel our body deteriorate FASTER
Don't you realized the earth is moving FASTER
[technology, information, everything]
Our education system is slowing us down
All the kids are so brilliant that they already over achieve for standard 1
I choose to get married once I've graduated
I choose to give birth to 2 kids before I'm 30
I was afraid that I cannot complete my cycle
All the pollution, engineered food, artificial harmful food
We cannot avoid
All in All, I do not want to repeat the same lesson
Lifetime after Lifetime

Andrea, you will go to Year 1 (standard 1) in 2012 which is next year if I'm a millionaire. I'm sad because I cannot give you that and I hope you can reborn into a more wealthy family next life :) I really want to but I cannot afford. I shall leave this regret behind now and move on. It has been bothering me for so long and I must let it out and move on. I shall not look back into this issue again.

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