31 December 2013

Shaky Tooth

I brought andrea to remove her tooth on the last day of 2013. The baby tooth was out behind her milk tooth, about 2mm, was worried hence brought her to extract it instead. Andrea was very brave, she did not cry. After the extraction, dentist gave her a glove ballon! haha ... very cute!

25 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas at Singapore. We bought the 4 in 1 Park ticket this round as we were there for 4 nights. Stayed at Swiss-o-tel as usual. Had a blast :)

at Zoo
Night Safari Show
Without mummy & daddy 
River Safari panda bun
Camper Fever

Vivo City

Vivo City

Christmas Presents
Laduree Paris

09 December 2013

Ben 2nd recital

Teacher TY is kind enough to let benjamin perform in the recital although he is not learning under him anymore. This is the 2nd, as the 1st was no piano accompaniment - he played Hoe Down, this song learnt from music pro. I'm so grateful for these two experience benjamin had :)

4Years 2Months old

08 December 2013

2nd Piano Recital

Andrea finished her suzuki piano book in 5 months. We have stop piano with Teacher TY end of Feb 2014. We continue Piano lessons at Bently Music Academu with KP. So far andrea enjoys it very much, it's more on music appreciation more than how many music pieces you can play type. They sing and play the piano together. Which I hope i had this type of teacher when I was young! haha ... 

anyway, experience with Teacher TY was great, he taught andrea to play many classic songs that I played last time too, and andrea enjoys it. Part of the reason we stop is that Teacher TY has to fly to KK every week as i can see that he is quite tired when he came and teach. I see it as a sign that we must move on. Hence the change. Here is andrea's 2nd piano recital with Teacher TY. 

6 Years 6 months old

24 November 2013

How have I been?

This year is a health renewal year, i was in alot of pain last year till now, trying to rectify as much as I can but have not found the real root cause. But i would say, i can feel myself improving in terms of vitality. Left shoulder pain has almost gone, but not quite (3rd bone from my left collar bone is still stuck but no one knows how to release just yet - still hoping to meet my heavenly doctor). Root canal tooth removed but numbness still lingering alittle on my left cheek bone now (very obvious), praying for my heavenly doctor. My left eye is still hanging - don't know what to do. I was very conscious when people looking at me wondering why i have an awkward eye, i was very sad and tears alot when i think or talk about it, BUT i must be brave enough to face it and have alot of hope and perseverance that I must take charge of my own physical body and health, beside waiting for divine timing I will continue to do things that is good for my body. Take my mind away and strive for a better tomorrow. 

My can feel my attitude had slowly changing. I was not so easily angry now, I enjoy being lazy with my kids. My kids are not on enrichment classes from mon-thursday. We sit around doing art n craft, practicing piano/ violin, doing exercise together in door, going to our beloved tree at 5pm, cycling and kicking balls. No more kumon maths for few months now. Was doing photobook for andrea's 4-6 years old, reading past entries on andrea's milestone, found out that at 4 she's still pretending like a baby, at 6 now is still the same. I have told hubby we  much work together to give this love deprived child a hug n say I Love You before we go to bed. I don't know what I have done when she was young that results in this, I just hope we could mend as much as we can before her changing of teeth. Just 3 days, andrea became really independent and could see that she really care for her brother, no more "babies act" .... fingers crossed. 

Another new chapter will begin. Andrea is going to new school at Help International School. Looking at houses around Ara Damansara and Tropicana, I was hoping for a land actually. Hubby said can stay in condo which is 2000sqft. I told him, it's not about big or small, my requirement for a house is a house that is grounded with land. WHY? I feel safe and secure connecting to mother earth. I was hoping to have a land so I could design a house that is mobile, 2 main doors, a square/ rectangular house, so that we can move about according to the stars alignment for the year. Hubby said for a land now, 3mil - he prefer to pay 3mil with a house already built. Oh well, i know we are not financially strong now to have all those that i wanted, Let it grow. I will stay put at my house for now. 

Of course there are a few positive things happened. I drove evoque for the first time. This evoque was with us for 1month+ now, how lucky. It was very comfortable. My new pilates instructor, although did not direct pin point my problem or directly help to relieve my problem, she however said prayer for me, i was  crying like a mad women, which i felt really good, like connecting back to the source. I don't know if i shall continue, but hubby said i should continue, so will be with her another 10 more sessions before moving on to another method to heal myself. After the Hug thing we gave to andrea, she magically swim on her own independently, the coach was surprised and i was surprised with tears! She has been able to swim but was too afraid when coach asked her to swim by herself. 

15 November 2013

Lost my grandpa and a root canal tooth

November is the month that clashes the year, I felt uneasy when the month is transitioning into November. I have posted on FB that, pls pls confirm andrea to help international school before the worst of the month came (didn't want to sign or pay on this month). Just a week before entering into pig month, we got a notice that andrea was accepted! I was so happy, hoping up and down like a bunny. I have never suspected of 2 loses, the grandpa and my ever sensitive root canal tooth. 

My beloved grandpa passed away on the day we went visit him on a Sunday. Mum told me that he was still strong, but had transferred back at home on Saturday from hospital, hence instead of going to melaka (initial plan) we headed back to Ipoh instead. Was sad because we didn't see him for his last breath. It was too sudden, for me. I prayed that Grandpa would follow the light back to the source, and for his absolute happiness. Rest in Peace. 

My root canal tooth was having sensitivity all 9 months, my numbed hands and legs on the left has not gone away. I do not know what happen to my body but I remind myself everyday that one step at a time. This sickness started when ben was born, I carried him too much until my body aching but i continue doing so because no maid at that moment and mum was angry with me. When finally maid is here, ben is already 1 yr old, my muscle adaptation is over the limit, alot of headache, neck and shoulder problem arise and even my left eye sees flashes of lights, I am very scared, I was helpless. 

God was kind to me, forcing me to quit my job although i don't really want it. Beside my high cholesterol, the actual cause of wanting me to stay home is to mend my weak body. I went to yoga, It did strengthen my body abit but lower back problem always comes back (my legs ankle and knees had problem but i persevere and it got cured via yoga i think), then i was introduced to osteopathy, he fixed my lower back pain permanently but told me i have other problem in cranial and left chest blockages that he could not release. until now it has not fixed but i have to BELIEVE. 

I removed my root canal tooth done in feb because osteopathy believed that it was pressing on my nerve, i was reluctant to remove it at first until i went to pilates, she taught me some moves and it got worst after the 3 session. Then i decided to remove the tooth in November, made appointment 2 weeks before. Dentist was kind enough to tell me, removing this tooth will not help reduce the numbness. I thank him with grace. He would think that I'm the most naive person on earth reading non-fact stuff on facebook that root canal causes cancer and heart diseased. Maybe I am but i have better explanation to myself. 

My mercury filling dropped back in 2010, when i was crazily doing reiki to heal myself every morning 5.30am because of the pain i was experiencing without any help carrying benjamin. I got it fixed with white porcelain but the filling got worst in end of 2012. During these time, why it got worst? because my left side of the body muscle was seriously imbalance and i didn't know about it, the left shoulder pain, constant headache, tiredness ... no professional knows what's happening to me, another thing i did not eat well too, almost 5 days a week McD. 

I need to remove pain/blockages in my body, the tooth has to go first because i experience sensitivity during these 9 months which is not a good thing i feel. Although now is out from my mouth, my problem of numbness and imbalance of muscle is still there, however I BELIEVE and prayed that I could find the root cause and to be healed once and for all. Right now at this moment, my instinct told me that i need to balance up my imbalance muscle and strengthen them. Please guide me to meet a suitable trainer to help me heal. I surrender it to you. NMRK. So it is. 

02 November 2013

The IQ genius 3 & Nikitin Material N1

The IQ Genius 3 is a 3-D model, we have put this away for a long time as andrea's brain have not form a 3-D model yet until my Nikitin Material arrived (9 months ago), I've brought this out again and see if she can do it. Good enough, she did it effortlessly :) Andrea have completed all IQ Genius, now we are concentrating on Nikitin Material before trying cuboro which is my next target! Can't wait :)

This is Nikitin Material N1. I've bought all the series, however 3 were games, which is quite fun too. Will do it on the next post. N1 has 2 books, if you see the pink sticker (fish), andrea is still trying to do it on her own. I think we took more than 5 months to complete this (except for the fish), doing blocks also has phases, we can't forced it to happen, it has to plant a seed (try), let it grow (info settlement) means put it away and forget about it then try again (harvest time)! This rhythm is so important and it always work for us! I guess this is the universe rhythm, human rhythm, even plants rhythm. Let it flow, it will come/ Manifest! 

6yrs 2months old

01 November 2013

The IQ Genius 2

After completing IQ genius 1, we moved on to IQ genius 2. Surprisingly he does not know how to do it, the image has not form in this head, he couldn't get it even the simplest one. As usual, we introduced, and guide (showing answer and ask him to follow 5 examples), we put it away for a few months for the new info to sink in, VIOLA, he made it, just before he turned 4 :) 

As he is "older" when he does this, he is more calm and does not jump up and down like the previous IQ genius 1 when he got the answer. Beside looking at the paper and does what it shows, he also creatively did some pattern and calling me to see his work. Which was impressive! I'm happy to see that he is not inside the box type of kid. Although he is a tough strong willed kid, I'm really happy that I've survived and watching him grow into a "whole" humanity. Throughout this journey, I have learnt so much about myself (not good side) - surrender and let go for ben to grow as "whole" as he can. Thank You Benjamin. 

3yr 11 months old

27 October 2013

4th Birthday

My little boy is 4yrs old! He has been telling people he is 5 (just because he's going to 5yr old class in January 2014). When I tell him, You are only 4 not 5, he would get very angry and shout at me! I of course surrender, we enjoy the birthday instead of arguing with him.

We bought 2 cakes as usual, a blue ironman (for family) and a red ironman for school. Ben favorite figurine after ultraman fever! haha ... I've also did some ironman favor box for the kids at school, no junk food, just some stationary and one Japanese gummy! The school principal was very worried, haha ...

Hubby and I arrived at their break time, sang birthday song and eat birthday cake. Ben enjoy it very much this year, maybe big boy already. His smile from the heart is very precious! We both very happy cos can see that he really enjoy himself when friends singing birthday song to him! For family gathering, we went to shangrila - shang palace, although no more membership, we still prefer this place. Nice food, nice environment, nice service and very comfortable! Ah, how I missed it :) We sang 2 times birthday Song too, as he has requested! Cheeky boy! This year, he got these!

20 October 2013

Brain Excellence Award

We received a letter, telling us andrea has got an award! We were shocked! We have been with shichida since 1 yr old and this is the first! Anyway this is a great milestone for andrea, although we were slow but at least we got there! haha ... It's so good to see jocelyn khoo again, she gave me so much insight on parenting, especially the prenatal class when i had ben, all the children milestone, I only started to appreciate it after I've attended waldorf teacher training, those are really useful if you know the meaning behind it. I had so much gratitude during that event. 

Jocelyn khoo made me cry when she said, this award is actually for the parents, I know how hard you parents work and love your child to achieve this. Hubby and I, tried our best to practice linking memory with them, as they are still young, asking them to do on their own is impossible, you know what? both of us memorize it first then we play games, one person recite one or we recite all and see who can recite the fastest! These moments are very precious, boding time and working hard time. During class time, how my kids listen to my instruction and did well makes me happy. Many parents just sit in and watch the kids. Usually for andrea, i would suggest her how to do fast or how to tackle something that she cannot master. 

The ceremony held at Lim Foo Yung on a Sunday. There were so many kids inside the room. Ben was feeling angry because 2 of his classmate were on stage and he kept asking me why he cannot go. It's a good opportunity for me to tell him, concentrate in class. hahaa, evil me. I'm not so worried about Ben, I know he can excel when he wants to. Congratulations Andrea :)
6yrs 3months old