18 March 2011


Went to KW today, told him about my eye attack, he suggest that i should do SpR (Spiritual Restructuring) as well, he will give me free because he wanted me to fill up some form for him in order to get his certification. Well i paid RM100 extra to him by the end of the session, i believe everything you get in this life comes with a price. I believe in him and he gave me much comfort when i needed someone yesterday, he reply me fast enough, and gave me a slot this morning. Nothing more comfortable than this to soothe my emotion. 

What i felt? something removing from my left palm, what is it? I don't know, i ask KW he said he just let highself do the job. No past life story being told too, to me it's not important too, so i did not ask further, i just ask if any arrow or sword on my body and also did any of my body being chop off the past life. He said it's mainly psychic wound and some programs. Ahh.. i do not know if i will get another healing crisis this time. Will see what the next few days have in store for me, hope not serious - however i have a feeling it will be worst than the SRT clearing :( another thing to add, my brain cell got problem KW says... i don't know what it means - whatever it is, clear then good :) alot of things is out of my understand anyway. 

SRT took 1 hr, SpR took another hour. 2 hours in total. Exhausted! I was so sleepy and thirsty after the session. I hope it cleared for good. God Bless Me. 

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