11 March 2011


wow, i do not know what happen to me, ONE word to describe me - unfocused!

1. Parked at the wrong bay. Hubby told me this morning and i was very surprised that i was so careless, not once in 5 years! The guard also never call me to re-park my car. Usually the guard will call me hundreds of time if we park at the car wash bay or one of my tire is at the other person's bay. 

2. I nearly kill a cat this morning after dropping andrea at school. I already saw this 2 cats playing at the road side but never anticipate that it will run across the street when i drove nearer! Scare me till death and I brake so hard but could not break completely cos it's too sudden, was expecting to feel the bump, but nothing happen. "phew"

3. I nearly kill my thinkpad (IBM laptop). Well, i don't know it will die (reformat) or not, but i send it to the helpdesk and it's still running. However after 1 1/2 hours it still cannot be fixed. It has to stay overnight, will only pick it up on monday. All because of the OSRAM LED page! I think i went to a non genuine site! 

4. I drove back just now, accidentally took my one card instead of my condo access card out. THE BAR OPENS! MIRACLE! Both cards i put together cos one card is to access my office parking and condo access card is to enter the condo. Both equally important. HOW DID IT HAPPEN?! 

5. In office saw the FB news that Japan had tsunami! I feel so sad, why it had to happen to Japan. I pray that SGI comrades will be fine and everyone in Japan is safe. What emotional problem over there in Japan? 

Read and think too much, not enough time to meditate! FOCUS! Thank You! 

update14Mar: Sherwin posted:
Feeling light-headed, having migraines, or feeling out of your own body the past 3 days? No worries. It's just your Crown Chakra aligning to the new energies of planet Uranus transiting into Aries - gonna stay there for the next 7 years... [am i this sensitive?] 

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