28 February 2011


Never had once I fainted outside ALONE. This morning i felt uneasy already - little dizzy and stomach discomfort, was asking hubby shall i go to work, as usual no respond from him, even he said something but it does not give any suggestion. Hence i decided to go to work and send andrea off. I told andrea I might ask grandpa to pick her up if i feel sick in office, she responded OK. 

While at work, it was OK because i sat on my desk all the while, when i feel my vision blur i stood up and go to the toilet, i thought it was normal because staring at the screen for too long. At 12.20 i got up and went to the lift, it has MANY people, so i took the lift up and down again to B2, it might because I've stood for too long and not because of stuffiness because when i was in the lift i thank god that the air con is just below me and i can feel the 'wind' - i thought nothing will happen. When the lift is heading down, i feel my legs are weak and suddenly my thinkpad drop on the floor unconsciously - my hands are weak too and everyone around me look at me, I started to see stars, i could not see properly anymore. Im panic and tell myself please don't faint, be strong be strong. My body does not listen to me, mei kuen was standing in front of me asking me if im OK, i told her i feel dizzy, she quickly gave me her hand to hold on to. I was very lucky to have her in the lift with me, at least i feel comfortable with someone that i know. She and her friend escort me to my car and i rest in my car before picking up andrea. mei kuen was one of the PM when i was in ITD. Thank God that you have send someone to be with me when i needed someone. I feel blessed

Called hubby, he asked how am I and said will bring me to see doctor at night. I rest at mum place, got up and feel dizzy somemore, i could not take it and asked dad to bring to doctor, doctor gave me injection at the buttock - stomach flu. Whole day is an episode that I do not want to repeat again, it's very scary and i feel uncomfortable. I give thanks to mei kuen and dad for giving me a hand when i need the most. I just hope ben will not get this because he is having fever today too :( 

What a DAY!

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