31 January 2011

SV - 31jan2011

I was caught by surprise that andrea did not blame me. While waiting for teachers, i told andrea that I actually dislocate the bridge (was trying to straighten the bridge a little). After that she keep on saying: it's you! it's you. Then tell daddy somemore, it's mummy broke the bridge not me. Then teacher came, while teacher fixing the bridge she ask andrea what happen, andrea did not say my mummy broke it! lol.... Phew ... My girl is actually not a pro finger pointing person, not like me and hubby. lol ... 

Today is quite bad, she did not play in the middle bow and holding the violin very low again, did not play on single string. I feel bad and extremely uneasy because how can my girl play this bad, when dr. ng ask us to give comment (good ones) i cannot utter a single word. Really not like my usual self, i cannot believe i have so much frustration and anger inside me. I don't know why it came back, i did not meditate properly for the past few days i guess. Too much is going on around me. Andrea now too stay with grandparents and i do not have time to practice violin with her anymore. We must practice daily, but right now i think it's not possible anymore. When ben is around, he will glue to me and he will not let me have leisure time to be with andrea. 

I told dr.ng that andrea refuse to let me correct her and andrea feels demotivated when she cannot play mary had a little lamb nicely. Dr.Ng talk to her nicely and in front of me, he told andrea that I'm his assistant, must listen to mummy. kekeke... good one, i like it :) one good point, andrea can play Ro-Sin-Mm-Bo very nicely today. I'm so proud of her. Andrea is also very determine to learn violin, i actually threaten her to throw away her violin because she broke the tuners, she cried and hid the violin. I asked her to bring it out and give it to me, she just cried and refuse to take it out. How can a 3 year old girl know what she really wants and is so determine in learning something. That's a great passion and determination that i must learn from her.

Today lesson:
Played all the songs on encore + 1 new song
Played all twinkle variation accompanied by piano
Played solo - reggae

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