17 January 2011

SV - 16Jan2011

Andrea mood was jolly. Suddenly i feel andrea does not need me anymore. She could follow instruction independently & did it correctly all the time. Andrea reluctant for me to correct her when she was playing her F#, she prefers Dr. Ng to correct her. I guess i would need to send her for private lesson very soon. Besides, andrea gave me a feeling that she only listen to dr. Ng - such as - greeting dr. Ng in the beginning of the class, ask andrea to go up the stage, follow teacher for solfage etc She never look at me today, she will take instruction directly from teacher. I should be happy because she is independent but i'm feeling sad because she does not need me in class anymore, my girl has grown up :( 

Today they learn 3 new notes on A string - BCD. 2 new pieces - Mary had a little lamb and hot cross bun, all to be played on A string with new fingering taught. Did some exercise which i manage to capture with my camera this time and playing suzuki twinkle variation full set with dr. Ng (piano). However she still cannot do other variation, Var A was perfect, have to work on Var B now. Encore songs are all perfect, no new songs being taught from that book. Teacher preparing for a recital and they need to practice Mary had a little lamb and hot cross bun :s That is really tough! 

Ben went up the stage this time and stand beside andrea, smiling at me. Luckily dr. ng did not show unhappy face :) I wonder when can ben join andrea. Going to watch dr. Ng playing viola in a recital at Bentley Academy. I hope andrea will enjoy too.

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