06 January 2011

Reiki 21 days cleansing

I have attended Reiki 1 for about a month now, however as i did not meditate everyday, i think my cleansing takes longer than 21 days. Anyway, here are my body reaction during the 21 days cleansing:

1. Itchy skin (legs and back - shoulder area)
2. Tired - wanted to sleep at 8pm for 5 days
3. Mood Swing - anger
4. Feel more love inside myself and also more patient
5. Today for the 1st time woke up at 3am feeling all refreshed! I thought it's 6 already. Weird!

During this journey, i have met 2 person that needs guidance. However i felt extreme guilt when the other party does not satisfied with my recommended treatment. Now i understand why energy healing charge at such high rate and bazi, feng shui is also charged at high rate. I can feel the pain if the client does not listen to you or they anyhow have doubt in you, this really waste your time! hence charging sky high service is the only solution. Wasting your time but you have money in your pocket, win-win situation. I must somehow learn this so I don't feel i'm wasting my time on anyone anymore. I actually bought 2 sets of Louise L Hay, one set i keep myself, the other set - DVD with a friend until today have not given back to me, Book with the person i've just mentioned and she's still complaining and didn't feedback to me if the book was helpful. Why i buy 2 sets? My ultimate goal is to share with people around me so they could cease their pain but somehow the outcome was not what i've expected This world really have many different kind of people and I shall follow JY and all light workers attitude for people wants to get something out of us. I used to think that is selfish and show no love at all, however what i've experienced shows what JY and other light workers is charging actually is not too much. I shall keep the knowledge to myself, only myself to know. 

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