28 January 2011


CNY is just around the corner,
Abundance of money but could not find anything i like,
Should be more creative but somehow is lazy,
I don't mind not having any new things, as long as i'm feeling happy inside,
Bought 2 extremely big bunnies, however neighbor had 2 small little bunnies, 
This shows how kiasu I am,
How i wanted to be noticed.

We are at transition to yi mao year, 
I'm feeling low but people around me does not seems to be affected,
I have lost my serenity, I could now understand my mum when she moved into my house, 
Humans are at constant move and change, 
I'm weak at adapting myself, always crave for best thing to stay as it is, 
Looking at my Galactic Signature Decoder, it says i live in denial.
Am I? Maybe ... but not dominating.

No serene morning, No concentration for meditation,
My life turns up side down,
Everyone around me seems a burden to me,
I shall learn to love once again, 
Love myself and everyone around me, 
Dissolve the boredom, irritation, expectation,
Open my heart to give love and receive love. May Joy be with me.

I'm reading back dated post,
"reiki2" post says - when u cannot control things around you,
Meditate, the power is in you! 
I love my blog, lol, i motivate myself when i'm feeling low. 
Thanks high self :)

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