26 January 2011

New maid

Maid just came yesterday. Need alot of supervision but i'm lazy and i feel uneasy of having someone in the house who need me to teach. I feel that I've become a little selfish because i tend to be impatient when i expect the helper to help me. My emotional is not very stable because i cannot do my meditation in the living room, i have to teach helper to do things, i'm worried she is not capable and i have the urge to check on everything she does which is very taxing (mentally). After 1 year of not having a maid, i kinda miss my old life without a maid actually. However i know i can't because my husband cannot support me as I'm a high maintenance wife and he himself also very high maintenance. The day i can stop work and become the maid myself is great, with a part time job (must be challenging of course). Divine power please guide me

I have another job offer internally, but required to go cyberjaya. It's a global role doing HR stuff, I'm keen but how about andrea? Stop school? change school? what should i do? Will have an interview before CNY to find out more about the job before deciding. I may have to travel because it's a global role. I love work I love my kids, I hope divine power will guide me as i love all these at once. It's just another day which i don't feel good, i cannot fully concentrate in meditation for the past few days. There is just too much thoughts - i need peace. May i find Peace once again. I pray that people around me are filled with love and peace. Let us live in harmony.

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