01 February 2011

15 months old

Did the shichida milestone charting last Sunday, Linguistic only 1 improvement. Gosh, i'm seriously neglecting my boy. Other 3 areas was OK, as i mark many for the other areas, i look closely to this Linguistic details and found out that it's actually my fault of being LAZY. Having to know where are the head, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands etc is so easy if i keep on repeating to him, calling daddy and mummy would be easy too if i keep on repeating to him. Ben can now say 'nana' = banana. He start reading books and has interest in it, GREAT milestone! Oh, he can say - 'ty' = dirty and 'nish' = finish + showing finish sign

Daily he will read the book i bought from popular and yesterday by surprised he go and get the book himself and wants me to read for him. All these needs to cultivate, it's actually not my boy do not like books. Ben boy, you need to start saying words by next month OK? I need to tick some boxes for the milestone chart OK, i feel so bad when you shows no improvement from last 6 months! Ben started to ask people to play with him by pulling our hands and ask people to 'sayang' or kiss his head/hand when is painful.

Another problem is that i want to potty train ben but he doesn't like my maid. How can i potty train my boy. I notice that he will tell me or do something unusual after he pee or poo. This is one of the milestone in shichida milestone chart, i really hope i do not let this opportunity pass because if we ignore it, the baby will not tell us or show us before or after they pee or poo anymore until they can start talking properly. Panic, where's my nobleman. Ben is not drinking milk properly too, where's milk nobleman to tell me what should i do? I'm worried but no idea how to improve his intake. He is SOoooOo skinny. I'm going to get the comment of why your boy so skinny this CNY i guess. Please put on my buddha ears. I also don't wish my kids to be a skeleton OK. -PEACE-

I'm going to fire my maid if benjamin still do not like her after 1 month. Helping me or giving me more trouble (screaming babies)! Sigh ... I don't need to pay 1K + food + utilities for people to clean my house OK. I can clean myself!

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