22 January 2011

Ben progress

1. Loves to play with the switch - starting this week can on and off the switch. Previously can only on but do not know how to off
2. He is super strong in holding himself up for more than 1 min on a bar at play ground
3. Calls jie jie and Da Da all the time
4. Still afraid of water running thru his face during shower
5. Start showing ben picture books, however he is not very interested. Will continue to try
6. Loves to 'fat lan cha', he will pretend to cry, roll on the floor and hit the floor/ chair/ table
7. Drank 1 bottle of vitagen without my supervision! 
8. Loves to open all my drawers and take out everything in the kitchen - utensils, plastic bags, plates & bowls, washing liquids, shampoo, 1st aid kit etc
9. Take things from the cupboard and throw into the bin without my permission - biscuit, mamypoko, new plastic bags and socks have been found from the kitchen bin
10. Start climbing up the chairs - dining table, activity table, my computer table and my dressing table! 

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