11 January 2011

SV - 9Jan2011

I always feel happy after violin class, i don't know why. I think part of  Dr. Ng's energy, his LOVE and the way he teach kids. I also admire that he can play violin and piano in class, he is like a perfect person to me and i feel very grateful that he is teaching andrea.

This week andrea learn new note - F# on the violin. After pressing on the string, i think she pressed a little too hard, the mark is still on her finger when we reach home. She enjoy going to class but sometimes dreaming. So weird but she told me she enjoy it alot. I was suspecting she is not enjoying. Today Dr. Ng also spend sometime talking to andrea, about tuning the violin - what is perfect sound (you don't hear brittle sound), he would play and ask andrea smooth or not the note. He also ask andrea if she Rossin her bow, and he took out his own Rossin and teach her how to do it and also ask her if she knows why is Dr.Ng's rossin broken. He told her the story. I feel so warm inside because andrea has a teacher that has time for her to tell her all these, i feel so much love from the teacher to his student. 

Ben on the other hand, loves to walk around the class and go up the stage. Dr Ng will once in a while talk to him and also ask ben to shake hands but ben turn away. Must teach him to shake hands now :) Ben will also clap his hands when andrea finish playing solo on the stage. You will be surprised how ben loves to watch his sister playing on stage - pay full concentration. lol!

I'm so excited! Dr.Ng said they will have a mini concert after CNY! I'm so proud of andrea because she can play on her own now, without me singing. Andrea will listen to the music and play on her own. GREAT Milestone! I have also thought of bringing her to MPO - to watch how people perform on stage in a larger scale, too bad they only allow children who is age 8 and above. Next time :)

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