03 January 2011

Thank You

I would like to end year 2010 with a thank you note. 

A big fat thank you to my hubby, we have gone thru so much from year 2009 and 2010. Although he does not ease my emotional pain as much as i want, i know he has done his best and i know he will be at my side no matter what. Hubby took good care of andrea and benjamin when i was not feeling well (emotionally & physically) and hubby is the only person that endure all my harsh words when my perfect world is affected. He took good care of me and I'm very blessed to have him as my life partner. 

Trevor, Nancy and Kok Wai who brought me into reiki. This bring significant changes to my life - way of thinking and self healing. Rhonda byran and Louise Hay for their books which helps me gain deeper insight of the universe, how i can use my inner capabilities and best of all knowing the universe is always responding to us without prejudice and will always give us miracle of what we want. Miracle does happen to me and I'm really grateful to the people who share their knowledge in spirituality. 

I would like to thank my mother for her healthy dinner, buying fish & meat for my weekend,  report to me about ben's progress as i'm a health freak mother and took very good care of ben while I'm at work. My dad who is the wise man who gave me many advise - emotionally and financially. He's the middle man of all issues and everything would patch up so nicely without flaws. Kim helped me to release emotional pain once and pei helped me to release all my worries i had with my kids about their health problem.

My beloved andrea and ben! I love you both so much, you have bring so much happiness to me and daddy! Both of you always amaze daddy & I of what both of you can do . Andrea starting to have our traits, asking us to bring her to hotel or restaurant or shopping mall - all the expensive stuff! Benjamin is sitting on hurting officer, so his reaction is always very alarming like screaming and wanting to get attention, we always laugh at him when he does that. Both our kiddies are so different and they are truly spice of our life. 

Thank you to all my friends that had come across my life in 2010 who had given me comfort in many ways, especially these people:
Esther, Lily & Michelle - relieving my stress on maid & kids
Evelin & pei - gave me chance to share my spiritual knowledge
Everything nice - Lynette, Jaclyn, Chen chen, Koh ting, Mrs quah, Jovy, Kelly

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