21 January 2011

andrea's Growing

In terms of self development. I cannot remember i encounter this before 5 years old because i only start learning piano at 9 years old and YES! It's really frustrating and you always hate yourself because you can't play what you want, your fingers does not listen to you! Practice practice and practice is the word - translate to patient and persistent is what you need.Give love to it and you will master it in no time!

I could see andrea's frustration when she fuss and cried when she cannot play Mary had a little lamb, i ask her to stop practicing and lets do something else first, however she insist to practice but wants to cry then only play again. My poor little girl, mummy is not harsh on you but you are giving yourself pressure. I was panic because i do not know what to do, teacher only played for us to see and i play the same for andrea to see but her fingers position is not perfect yet and she cannot remember the melody :( 

I quickly ask myself what should i do - i came out my own version:
222 3EE

I give myself a 5 star because she can memorize this in 20 min, abit long because she cried earlier on. One day we sang this, the next day we play on the violin - BUT she cried again. She ask me why is it so awful the sound she made - she is nervous and is the first time pressing on fingerboard and right hand holding the bow is pressing too hard on the string. Daddy open the door and when she saw daddy, she cried with tears:"DADDY ..... DADDY ...." so pitiful my girl. I took the violin and ask her to hear my play, i told her yesterday i play this awful right? Today was it better? She said yes and take the violin and played somemore. Towards the end of the practice was a little better than just now. I'm sure she can make it by this Sunday :)

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