19 January 2011

Exciting 2011

2011 is an exciting year, there are so many things lining up and i'm anticipating for my magical life from meditation.

1. New House - designing, renovating, moving in, house warming party
2. New Business - not mine but i'm the back-end person who ensure smooth deployment
3. New Side Business - Part Time job as bazi consultant
4. Intend to take Date Selection class
5. Ensure ben is successfully potty trained by age 2
6. May get a new car this Year :)
7. Plan a holiday, not too far - maybe PLR and Cameron for this year
8. May be taking Spiritual Respond Therapy class - depends on my healing

Sometimes i feel depression because i think too much of the problems i need to fix. I shall only focus on the breathing and i believe it will heal my body and mind without me worrying too much about it. - PEACE - 

The least explored area by humans is their own self. Self awareness is the first step in knowing what you are all about. Meditation is the first step towards self awareness. The journey ends with life and is as thrilling as any adventure you might have embarked upon. You will discover life as you have never imagined. This is a journey without any baggage from past or the future. It begins and happens right here , right now in this present moment. All eternity exists in this present moment of yours. May you find it now.
Copy from http://basic-meditation.blogspot.com/

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