11 January 2011

Reiki 2

Had my one-to-one reiki 2 on Monday. The best thing is not to learn what is reiki 2 but KW has time to answer all my questions and to share with me his experience. 

Monday session was like a hypnosis, subconsciously i reacted with the slightest trigger inside myself when i saw the word compassion on the screen. Now i understand, i have not really let go the pain inside myself, how many things that i have done to the people around me and how they have reacted really affect me deep inside. I asked KW why it has not erase because i already know this is one of my problem and i have already work on it. He ask me to use one of the symbol "hon sha ze sho nen" - it can erase the past negative energy we left behind. 

He ask me if i would like to teach reiki one day, i told him no because i need to fix myself 1st. He then told me, no teachers are perfect and we still need to fix ourself after we die, so this is an on-going process. I also share with him my disappointment with people around me that i would not want to be challenged or being question when i'm a master myself. He told me that as light workers we are just doing our best, how other people want to judge or disagree with us is totally up to them, as long as you know you have done your best. everyone has their own timing to come into realization. They may seems interested now but will move away later because their timing is not right, so just provide whatever they ask for and never expect anything from them. The universe energy shifting is very fast now, I hope everyone is blessed with PEACE (without worries and anger). Please meditate when you feel you cannot control yourself and things around you, the power is in you. 

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