11 January 2011

Shichida 9 Jan 2011

Ben has new sensei - Siya. Don't know why Ben always get indian sensei, lol ... Anyway, now he is in 2A class, the class is very much smaller compared to the previous class room, hence he has tough time adjusting and seems very cranky on his 1st day. Myself also feel the room is very small and very cramp! I hope both of us will settle-in next week. The mother in this class seems very much older than me, hm... i always wanted someone around my age, well ... i'll never know what suprise i'll get :)

Ben has improvement in putting small beads into small holes, and can recognize black and white. Not bad eh, I'm suprised! He would clap his hands when sensei finish singing the songs. I hope that his patient will improve as now he does not want to look at flash memory card. He is the only active baby in class, only he wants to walk around, sigh ... last class 3 of them will walk, now he is the only naugthy one. 

I hope hubby will let me go to andrea's class because i want to see what the 4 yr old is up to now. I have not been to class with andrea for more than 1 year now. Still persuading him.

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