25 January 2011

Articles by Diane

I think I'm going deeper now because the website I've mentioned in my previous post gave me greater insight! I love what I'm reading. I want to put down the important points for my  future reference. This is so me, she put down the words of what i'm feeling right now:
I remembered some of what I experienced and when I tried to tell others, it was often dismissed as deliriousness. I quickly stopped talking about it. I couldn't find words to express the realizations and knowledge - Diane

For SGI Comrades because we believed life is eternal: (by Diane)
On the personal level, if you start with the premise that life goes on after death, becoming a more loving and compassionate person is the first step. Some mental and emotional housecleaning is probably involved: getting rid of anger, hate, bitterness, resentment, blame, jealousy, greed, vengefulness and perverted thoughts; forgiving yourself and others for perceived hurts and wrongs; changing your attitudes; letting go of fear, dropping your judgments; bringing in the Light to purify your consciousness; and beginning to live in ways that spread the Light to those whose lives you touch. It is the love you carry within you when you leave your body which enhances your spiritual growth.
Living in the now with joy prepares you for death whenever it comes. Your dying experience will be peaceful and your life in the spiritual realms, long and blissful. If you decide to come back to the physical world, it will be a pleasant lifetime. Those who believe life ends at death can see no reason to preserve the earth or share resources or be kind to others, as they live only for themselves. They want to control everything. They don't care about or value anyone's life besides their own. For those who live in denial and die with hate in their hearts, their transition will be unpleasant. They will reincarnate quickly with harder lives and lessons to learn until they turn to a spiritual path

Experiencing Spirituality - by Diane
The good news is that you don't have to nearly die to experience your spiritual nature. You just need to have unlimited patience, perseverance and persistence, and be willing to practice, practice, practice. Hey, if it were easy, we would all be enlightened! Until you feel the divine inside you, you are only trying to believe. You just need to open yourself to the process and go within. Going "out" to find God creates a separateness, a duality, which only exists in the mind. We are not separate from God, we are One with God. Meditate to learn to still your mind and listen to the sound of silence. Affirm that you have a body, but you are not your body; that your are in this world, but not of it. Focus your attention on your spiritual nature and the kingdom of God within you, no matter what else you are doing in your daily life. It is in the process of seeking that you will find your joy and your connection to your Higher Power. If you are patient with yourself and persistent in overcoming your carnal (lower chakra) desires, no matter what karma you have to resolve along the way, you will experience a transformation in your life on all levels, as you grow closer to your God-Self. You will find yourself letting go of people and things you thought were important, but, in truth, were harmful. As you come to love and accept yourself, you will become more tolerant of and loving towards others. Your thinking will become more clear and you will put things in better perspective, neither blowing things out of proportion nor becoming anyone's victim. You will begin to stand up for yourself and the rights of others without becoming self-righteous. You will find it hard to continue living materialistically and change your lifestyle to include doing more of what you love to do, instead of acquiring material things and pursuing the emptiness of self-gratification.

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