06 April 2011

Hofner Violin

We have successfully found a decent violin for andrea. Daddy asked his cousin who is a musician and got recommended to buy Hofner. We searched in the internet, only 2 places is selling - Bentley Music and another shop in ampang. Bentley is nearer to us, hence we go there and see if there is small size for andrea. The seller is very helpful, therefore we bought a violin from him :) We have a 1/10 size violin - i would say the sound is much better than the old one, especially andrea pressing on the string. The seller even gave me a tuner for free :) The tuner is indeed very very helpful to me. 

Andrea is now practicing for his month end recital. I hope she can play mary had a little lamb, she is now practicing 5 times at night before going to sleep. Still not good, but i'm sure she will get it one day with lots of practice. I gave her a star sticker every time after practice. Andrea is good at playing the encore book, however twinkle variation needs more guidance, i find that the teacher is also not very organized. Even myself do not know how should i proceed to teach andrea on the twinkle variation. Shall I finish the whole var. a then only proceed to var. b etc, this will take SoOo long to finish a-e. If play short cut twinkle var., andrea cannot cope but andrea is SoOo used to short cut twinkle var. cos the teacher always play this. Thought of changing teacher, but have not meet any good one yet. Hope someone can recommend me soon. 

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