12 June 2011

SV - 12Jun11

Almost 8 months of learning violin, I would say andrea truly enjoys it. She can now play 4 pieces of suzuki and only left 10 pieces of encore book (dr.ng said we will be finishing encore book by end of june!). How fast is that? 8 full months we finish one of the violin beginner book! 

Today they did the solo performance. Encore new songs. Some games. -end- Now the class left only andrea and victor. I guess others cannot cope with the fast pace because the parents did not spend enough time with the kids. We may need to change from group to private class now (not enough student). I do not know If andrea will still enjoy as much in private class in July. Will see how it goes. Now they are practicing 2 songs for Children show case at Bently on 31st July.

Suzuki Violin just like Shichida method. The parents have to be involved, if not the kids progression will be VERY slow. Sometimes I have the energy to practice with andrea, sometimes I would just want to be lazy. I could really see the effort I've put in, the results is amazing and of course very proud of myself. Playing the Suzuki pieces is not easy - First piece consist of twinkle 5 variation, it took us months (3 months i think) to master all 5 variation to complete the 1st suzuki piece. The following songs were beautiful, andrea sang it 1st then play on the violin, it took us about 1 week to memorize and play the song. However, more practice is needed to get perfect pitch. Andrea is very patient in adjusting her fingers to get the perfect tone. This week I will kick my lazy bum, because i did not teach andrea any new suzuki piece last week! 

Last week, we did the theory part. Taught andrea how to write Treble and Bass clefs. I don't know if it's too tough for her, I'm having a hard time. Secondly, andrea is able to recite the 8 notes - ABCDEFGA (CDEFGABC for piano). I'm not sure which is "Do' for violin, Dr. Ng said it depends on the song. Well ... I've adopt A as "Do" for Andrea because Suzuki songs always start with A string. Andrea's turning 4 next Tuesday! I'm very proud of myself :)

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