05 June 2011

School Holiday Getaway

It’s school holiday again! Since andrea kept telling me her friend norelle went strawberry picking, I've decided to bring her to cameron to pick her own strawberry too. As we are a big fan of YTL resort, I’ve decided to book Cameron Highland Resort – hoping to have excellent service and also excellent food. We book the trip on Monday and traveling on Thursday, everything went smoothly

We arrived at Cameron Highland Resort at 4.30pm. Requested for room upgrade but was being turn down, was upset because I have a feeling that Austin doesn’t want to give it us. He told me the suits are full. During our Dinner, next day breakfast and lunch – I don’t think it has more than 10 rooms occupied (looking at the crowd at the restaurant), whereas the resort has 54 rooms in total. The car park is empty too. Anyway, I do not have affinity with this resort because beside the excellent food, I do not have other good memories with it. I always have to call 2 times to get my tooth brush, comb, baby cot and cleaning of the room. I will not visit to this Resort again.

First day – check in – feed the fishes – dinner – sleep. Second day – Breakfast – EQ Strawberry farm – other flower & strawberry farm – lunch – shower – nap in the room – tea time – feed the fishes – children’s play room – dinner – sleep. Third day – Breakfast – EQ Strawberry farm – check out – children’s play room – lunch – back to KL

Overall it’s a good trip. Andrea loves to pick strawberry. Ben loves to EAT strawberry. I love the resort minus service from the restaurant and front desk. Weekends were crazily packed, it’s not worth the traveling time.
YTL Cameron Highland Resort

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