23 February 2011

10 things at 1yr 3mths

1. Just 2 weeks apart, ben knows eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, head, hands and legs. 
2. Hubby brought him to shichida class for 2 weeks now, ben can do rub hands, energy ball and close his eyes when sensei ask him to. Amazing! Sometimes i feel that hubby's energy are more clam than mine, both kids show amazing results when hubby is with them. I wonder WHY. I witness it at home, hubby asked ben to show me. I'm surprised! 
3. Ben can dance to music really well, grandma said but ben refuse to dance when i'm around. I wonder WHY
4. Ben started to do shichida worksheets (hold his hands and write the numbers and also help him to recognize colors)
5. He starts to jump, but still can't lift both legs. At his age i think is a little too early for 15months old to jump. By CHANCE, he can lift one leg up high and the other just above the floor. AMAZING!! The fun part is to look at him trying to jump. I shall capture it with camera - sometimes I'm just too lazy to rush for a camera. 
6. Purposely take andrea's pillow away from andrea and make her sister cry or scream - just for the fun of it! Naughty right? Cheeky boy!
7. Purposely take andrea's turtle away when she is not looking, when andrea snatch back, ben will take andrea's hello kitty and hug it. showing hello kitty is enough for him and he loves hello kitty more. Andrea will not snatch hello kitty from ben. 
8. walking up the stairs without holding hands or crawling. Walk like an adult when going up the stairs! 
9. Is able to reach the lift button now! 
10. Appreciate baby sign DVD now and loves to watch 325 astro at grandma house. 

1year 3months 3weeks & 6 days old

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