05 February 2011

CNY at Kota Kinabalu

It was a tiring trip, my head spinning episode happened twice and it's freaking me out. Luckily my healing energy is helping me, at least i'm fit for the day. I need to do healing twice a day to make sure my head don't spin! Carrying ben excessively is still bad for my health, I wonder when it will stop or i shall say completely recover from my injured head-neck-shoulder-hand. Don't think reiki is healing it 100% because it came back, but at least it's under control when i put 'power' to it! lol ...

Had a pleasant trip because it's so comfy - hotel and flights and we meet alot of people and i enjoy myself alot seeing other people's children and also catching up with one of my uni friend. My sister in law is kind enough to cook ben all his meal (lunch and dinner), which i'm really thankful for her kind gesture. My kids are quite obedient as they are not sick nor had any major accident. This trip me and hubby manage the kids quite well - did not had major worries nor fight. 

My parents sent us to the airport at 5am, gosh.. i think they woke up at 4am. Felt really happy seeing them before i fly off because this year cannot spend CNY with my parents. Arrived at KK at 10am - lunch at IL's - send pei to airport - check in at hotel - rest - dinner at IL - back at hotel - Sleep :) Day 2 - breakfast with IL - Beach - burger king lunch - house hoping until 6pm - dinner at IL - fire cracker/ fire works gathering at IL - meet with uni friend - back to hotel - Sleep :) Day 3 - breakfast - SIL house - lunch to celebrate MIL birthday - visit to auntie susan - back to hotel - rest - dinner at sushi tei with hubby's friend - back to hotel - Sleep :) Day 4 - breakfast - SIL house to pick up porridge - Air port - KL - Home Sweet Home :) 

Andrea enjoy herself alot as she loves to play with her cousins and hubby's friends kids (especially the twins). Ben enjoy himself alot too i guess, 1st time seeing him fight with other kids (cousins) over some toys and he had his 1st fall at restaurant which left a mark on his forehead and 2nd accident at Hotel breakfast. Boys Boys Boys ... oh dear ... I'm tired! Luckily they are still in good condition :) Hubby enjoy the most i guess because he had drinks until 2-3am for 2 consecutive nights. Myself, despite the head-neck-shoulder-hand pain, i think i ate quite ALOT until i put on 2kg! That's bad.. really really bad. 

Will be going to KK again in 2H11 for Pei's convocation. Great trip, don't mind another one :) 

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