07 February 2011

Not Feeling Well on the 5th of CNY

Woke up today with extreme head spinning again, wanted to go to work but can hardly move. Sat for a few moment and meditate, seems better until start getting up. I have decided to stay at home and rest, I seriously have no idea what happen :( I surrender myself and I'm on my knees, please tell me what i shall do with my body, I want to be healthy and strong once again. 

Hubby came back at 9.30am, had the urge to swim, so i asked hubby to sit by the pool, just in case my head spins when I'm in the water. Surprisingly when I'm in the water no head spinning but once i got up i can feel a little. After bath when drying up my hair, it came back again. I cannot look down or left right even i do it slowly. I hope tomorrow i can go to work because i do not want to waste my leave, i have so many places to go this year and have to move to new house too. Please give me the wisdom to heal myself. Divine Power please guide me.  

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