08 February 2011

开工 大吉

No cure for me, i went for JY talk and the date and time given by JY is not suitable for me. So i came back and open up my dong gong book (ask Mr. Dong), 7th Feb is inauspicious, 8th feb is auspicious but it's a horse day and i'm sitting on rat (clash) - no good effect on me, 9th feb is SUPER inauspicious, 10th feb is inauspicious, 11th feb is auspicious but it's a rooster day and I have a rooster in my chart (self punishment) - no good effect on me. WHOLE week no good day for me to start work :( Quite depressing but i do not want to 'feel' it. Go Away! 

Anyway i planned to go back to work on monday which is 7th feb, but universe stop me from going to work and gave me an headache, so i went office today. It's a good day but i will not get any good effect. Sigh ... sometimes you want to have date selection but somehow the timing is not right. Just like this, HOW? life goes on ....... 

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