18 February 2011

Wish granted

My last post, I asked universe to give me time & space, sometime away from all the issues I have. Universe grant me what i needed - company trip to Vienna, Austria for 5 working days, in total would be about 7 days to fly there and come back. Happy or sad? Was extremely excited when I first got the news because this education was initially plan to be in KL and i had to become the admin to book rooms for the whole world! Now the whole world is going to Vienna! Yeay! No need to become admin :) Back on earth - grounded and felt sad because i'm gonna leave my kids behind for work and I had to go ALONE -  Representing ASEAN :( Got other Business Controls friends lah, but not very close, those close ones had move on to another role like Korea, ANZ & China. Will definitely make new friends :) 

Anyway, this is my first company trip. The previous trip suppose to go US, but then they only select the pilot countries - china & Germany to go. So all other countries like myself have to stay back, we actually submitting the visa already, however company was still not doing very good i guess so cut down the expenses. That was Productivity Tool portion, i guess they do not have alot of budget. This business controls has alot of money i guess, when i was on LOA last year they went to Korea. Actually i prefer Korea, but well ... anything lah. as long as don't come to KL. Hate being a host, especially have to entertain all the headquarters people, American slang is actually very hard to understand and they don't understand me as well. GOSH! Nightmare when talking over the phone. One of them can take Indian slang! Impressive! 

Having to work in an ASEAN role is great because you can hear people talking English in different slang. hahaha, worst part is that you cannot hear what they say, initially i had problem with Thailand, Vietnam and India people. It's so embarrassing that you had to ask them repeat themselves. On the other hand, i had to talk word by word like an robot when i give education over the phone. Those were the days. Right now they used to my Malaysian slang, I feel more at ease :) work can be fun when they give us yearly travel like this to do shopping in other countries :) 

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