14 February 2011

Fantastic Weekend

Had a fruitful weekend! Feel so much connection and enjoy every moment of it :)

1. Visit a good friend, catch up and best of all she just conceive with second child! Her son is as big as andrea, boy being boy they are more active and approachable. 
2. Had lunch with unimates at Fukuya, it's good to see old friends once a year. Has been talking to them over phones and FB, it's really good to see them face to face once in a while, so we don't only talk to the phone and computer screen. Will upload the photos tonight. My weekends are SUPER busy, i love weekdays :) 
3. Dinner with Alvin and his wife, was caught by surprise that he already got married more than one year ago! He has got a semi-D in leeds and will definitely pay a visit (free accommodation!) when my boy can eat fish and chips!
4. Sunday as usual - Violin and Shichida
5. Sunday Dinner at Ming Room again, try ALL of their set with parents and Kim + bf. RM88++, RM128++, RM148++ set. Phew, it was really delicious! Satisfied! Good thing is i can try all of them, ask for 1 mouth donation from everyone. hahaha... The dessert is heaven - Durian pudding, Melon sago and Almond pudding!

Tomorrow holiday again! Yippie!! Will be going to Ikea to buy towel rack, saw at Gudang the one I like cost RM1180, I think can buy 10 racks from Ikea! hahaha ... Many things I like is crazily overpriced, I hope one day I can afford those overpriced item like I always buy from Ikea :) The day will come when I can control myself/ mind fully. Now still quite cacat - machine turn on and off sometimes.

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