21 February 2011

Ever Changing

Got into office, get documents ready for AMEX application, saw email from prem - global decided to move the training to Q2 because Q1 travel expense submission is closed. Was not feeling disappointed because checked the airline and saw the only airline i can take (shortest route) is KLM and take 17 hours with 1 transit! Honestly I'm not those human/ soul that likes to travel without luxury or at least comfort. At least i need MAS airline and have some friends to chat for 17hours flight! All 3 years going back and forth to UK and KL, i ONLY take MAS. Seriously i think to myself, NO THANK YOU to IBM. Jet Lag somemore? It's a tough adjustment, maybe because I've been there to vienna, so it does not really interest me at all. Anyway - want to work? Have to obey. That's the rule. Whatever lah - but hope not Vienna lah,SPAIN better. kekeke

Had Mental illness, that went on and off, mum advise me to see doctor and take medicine. That is a short term cure to me, I've yet to find out the root cause. It may sound scary but i'm engaging SRT (Spritual Respond Therapy) to find out my root cause - back to the past life. Being an insane woman has actually freak myself out because at this level i can no longer control myself. Every little thing provokes me and lost myself. I feel pain inside when i lost control and I cannot turn to anyone because no one can understand me. Remembering life is ever changing, I hope to change for the best! 

Re-attend Reiki 2. Learn many things and hear many wonderful experiences. Things i want to jot down:
1.When request for something, say it three times - the universe will only respond [have to feel it as well]
2. During attunement, my left side of the body [shoulder area] is soar. I asked KW issit because my head-neck-shoulder-arm still hurting that's why i still feel the strong energy being absorb there. KW respond differently this time. He said: Your Heart Chakra needs lots of healing., let go of your logic and beliefs. HOW HE KNOWs? after this i share with him my soreness on my heart chakra after scolding my maid and ask him what can i do because I have serious mental illness now :( 

I come back and google Where is your heart : The heart is located under the rib cage, to the left of the breastbone (sternum) and between the lungs. All the while, it could be my HEART, not my left shoulder-arm that carry ben till it become weak. I have long term mental illness - my heart chakra is seriously damage without my knowledge until last saturday. I have 1 incident that i nearly got blind when andrea was 1yr+, i had serious head spinning when ben is below 1yr old. I have high cholesterol in my last blood check up. Why am i so unhappy after graduation - life is ever changing - be wise.choose.be happy

2011 resolution - detachment and emptiness.

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