10 February 2011

Baby Sign

Ben start signing extensively:
1. andrea sleeping while daddy carrying her in the lift - ben sign "sleep" showing daddy that andrea is sleeping
2. sign "more" when we took out something he wants to eat
3. sign "smelly" when he poop or we say smelly
4. sign "where" when we ask him where?
5. sign "fan", "duck", "frog", "flower", "bib", "milk", "hat", "comb", "shoe & socks" - point to the leg, "fish", "butterfly", "rabbit", "pig", "elephant", "cake - clap his hand ie sing happy birthday song" - when i read him his picture book

Maid start to teach him 
1. eyes
2. nose
3. ears
4. hands
5. hair
Last but not least DANCING. lol .... 

Still only say 'nana' = Banana, but somehow everything he point now, he will say 'nana'. Don't know why .... hahaha. Start potty train or not? Not yet, slow right? Need to buy panty first, mummy is the one who doesn't put effort. tsk tsk .... OK tomorrow i buy if can :) 

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