31 July 2011

Busy month end

No, it's not month end closing at work.
Saturday - pan cake for breakfast - water my grass - sports day (8am-12.30pm) - lunch at home - Light Craft - Tyre puncture at Sg. besi highway, hubby took 20min to kau tim - go back home and nap for 1hr, hubby go fix his puncture tyre - water my grass - dinner at home - out for violin recital at bently (8pm-9pm)

Sunday - wan tan mee for breakfast - water my grass - violin class - lunch at home - Grohe bathroom sale - shichida - water my grass - Kim's birthday celebration at korean restaurant - SLEEP zzzZZzzZzz

This is Andrea's second school sports day, this time was better, the teacher let her run on her own without assisting. Andrea having fun running around with her friends and having good time eating lots of stuff. One thing I cannot understand is, when the MUMMY team played and we got the lowest score (not my fault), andrea CRIED. She said she wants to WIN. Oh dear ... Why life is about winning? ... I admit I was once like that too because I was brought up this way ... I tried my best to talk andrea out - Life is not about winning, Life is about experiencing, enjoy good laugh, your hard work and cheer for your teammates on sports day. This is what sports day is all about, it's not about NUMBER 1 - Well ... I don't know if that sounds convincing, because it doesn't sink into me either. hahaha .... I hope for the best for my girl :p Blue Team got Number 2! not bad lah .... Benjamin also running and walking around, doesn't seems to be afraid of people.

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