12 July 2011


Feeling refreshed this morning, had time for 1 hour healing meditation + stretching. Ben and Andrea was very cooperative, they didn't wake up or make a fuss when I was busy meditating + stretching. Kids woke up at 7.15am, rushed for preparing breakfast + packing my stuff. Left home at 7.40am. Andrea sang the whole perpetual motion by herself - that makes me more happy. We arrived 8.15am today and had sometime to read her story book. That's what we do everyday morning if we arrived early. we bid our good bye at 8.40am. 

Colleague was feeling lousy, so we took a walk at 10am. I bought my favorite Starbucks hot chocolate. Enjoy the drinks - had some followup to do - chasing and ticking to-do on my list. Feeling satisfied. Had lunch with my ex-teammate, had good chat. Bought groceries at Jusco before picking up andrea. Andrea has been eating fast, everytime i arrive at 1pm she already finish, so i went their earlier today - 12.50 arrived, also finish already. Great! I had more time to chit-chat at my mum place before going home for work. 

Stop by at new house. Everything looking great. Today the tiles-man going to finish up their work, next would be wall painting. Poor hubby has to run up and down just to meet the contractors timeline, he handles everything (luckily he's a ji earth, i don't think i can handle such stress), I'm always happy to go to the new house just to see the nice progress and nice people working for my house. I bought drinks for them everytime I go. I feel grateful they don't scream or shout or show grumpy face while working. lol ... create good qi for my new house.

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