04 July 2011

Healing Circle

I'm really bless with alot of things in life, I have never heard and came across with healing circle. This is my second time and it is really a great group support for reiki practitioner. The second healing circle allow me to meet with other reiki practitioner who has already completed their reiki module, i had alot of questions and beside KW answering, I really appreciate the higher level practitioner answered my questions too. This gives me confidence to continue my reiki journey. Thank you everyone in the group yesterday.

1. I was feeling really not myself for the past month. Although bazi indicate recognition and all that but it was day breaker for me for the whole month. I expect many irritation and uneasiness, hence I let those feelings come and go without much attention given, until one point i lost passion in morning healing. I was feeling rather tired because i would sleep until 7 am but still need a nap in the noon. I know something is not right. I asked about my condition, 2 of them told me they have same experience, because you are too used to the energy hence you can't feel it that strongly now. I stated meditate this afternoon

2. I had dizziness again? I don't know what happen, could be the oily rice during weekend lunch, could be working too hard for denbulb, could be after scolded my maid on Saturday, could be my unknown sickness is revealing. Gosh .... Afraid of death? Yeah maybe, but I learn to prepare my own death. I just do not like the feeling of being sick - feel so helpless and hoping someone would catch you when you fall. I'm so thankful that my dad could fetch andrea today, so I can meditate at home. Burn Epsom salt and meditate for 1 hr and sleep for another hour. I hope reiki energy can heal the unknown dizziness. Or else i need another round of medical checkup :(

3. What I learn during the healing circle - detox yourself (place hands on r sacral, front & back), improve your hand sensing/ scanning (meditate only on one finger), try Kelly Howell mp3s (going to buy soon - something like inner talk), when you feel the connection before you sleep - let it run, not harmful - always put up golden protective bubble (i asked this question, was too stupid to cut it off because i read somewhere that says other 'stuff' is using ur energy, hmph ...), that's all .....

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