18 July 2011


Andrea vomiting has made me so worried. Friday after dinner, Saturday after lunch, Sunday after breakfast :( Saturday i never thought it would be this serious, i cooked fried pasta for both of the kids, afternoon when I'm back from my new house shopping, maid told me andrea vomit after her nap time milk. I thought it was the milk, hence ignore and cook broccoli cheese rice for dinner. Sunday morning, after the yakult, she vomit every thing out including my hard boiled eggs :( I got scared and i cooked porridge (lunch & dinner)  for her, didn't dare to force her to eat alot, only half of what she normally eats. She didn't vomit her lunch & dinner on Sunday.

I was quite stressed when the kids are not well. However, going shopping to pick up the groceries at isetan has always made me a happy bunny. I don't know why, there is only one place i like to go, isetan-KLCC. I don't know why. In UK, i always go to Marks&Spencer for groceries, I just feel attracted to that place I feel so much at ease to shop over there. I would say the FRUITS quality is the best buy-in for me. Hubby always said I'm crazy to buy such expensive fruits, but i don't care lah, i really enjoy buying it :p 

Dinner time we went to ben's again at KLCC. Love that place, all their dishes are good! i bought some macaroons from Harrods KLCC, 6 pieces for RM23. Nice! I love it .... Better than the one in Ritz Carlton Sunday Brunch. That's all that I've ever tasted :) I don't really like macaroons because it's too colourful & very sweet (really bad for health i feel). The one from Harrods are just nice, not TOO sweet. Well, andrea wants it, so I just gave it a try :) Not a bad move afterall!

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