23 May 2011


Do you know how hard it is to bear with the uneasiness about someone else - even though you don't deal with them over the weekend? The GMU lady has gone overboard by switching to her fault finding mode. I was of course provoked and wanted to explode but I didn't (i don't know why), i just felt bothered by her emotionally. I hence write an email to my manager on friday night and save it - prepare to send on Monday. after that email i felt so much better and felt less emotionally bothered. 

This morning, i woke up, GMU lady was on my mind the whole journey to office - I was debating to myself, either to send the email or just ignore and pretend nothing has ever happened. Because my emotion has been eased after that email to my manager (still sitting on my draft box), hence i choose to pretend nothing has ever happened. Afterall, I really like to work, although i keep on saying I wish i never had to work. hahaha... deep inside myself, I want to work because i want to come IBM people manager. I just hope my dream will realized in no time and I will stop working if I do not like people manager job. What is so good about it? I dunno ... just like I want to own tiffany ear stud which cost RM10K. Because I like it, no better reason.

I st GMU lady and asked if i can call her because i have alot of emails from her and need some clarification too. She said alright, and she called me instead because her phone extension has problem. We talk, and I told myself I love her alot before picking up the phone, hence i sound alright i guess. After finish with the work stuff, she started to apologized, gosh! I do not know what to say, i just say - I'm at wrong too to ignore your email and I say it is the different expectation. She agreed and she ask me to forget about everything that happened. I said yes, we must.. hhahaa.. then bid our good bye. What a lovely experience.

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