16 May 2011

Books arriving Today!

I love DHL service :) I've ordered 7 books from amazon.com US early may, they took about 10 days to ship to my hopshopgo US address, and the package arrived at the US address last Friday. Guess what?! DHL going to deliver to me today! How efficient is that! :) Happy Bunny! This time i have bought a combination of category - spiritual, business and biography :) can't wait to start reading!

I've re-read my soul psychology, it's like bazi - peeling of the onion. You get new insight every time you re-visited the same material. 1. Claim your power. 2. Love yourself. This is the most fundamental. How? I will not recommend this book for people who has no knowledge into spiritual, the things he describe is a bit 'deep', after second reading only i understand a little bit more from dr. joshua. Next one i want to read human anatomy - spiritual aspect lah :) Want to heal my aching shoulder! dr. joshua said - all human should be a doctor or a healer. Obviously I cannot become a doctor like him because i do not have a degree in medicine. I would love to become a spiritual healer like our ascended master - jesus christ, kuan yin, etc just to name a few. Our mission is to add value to each other on this earth plane.

Today i have alot of things to do, we have went to Ikea to get all necessary info yesterday. Today i need to incorporate all the info into my house drawing. Still in dilemma if we should engage the interior designer because it looks like i have all the idea for my own house. Things the designer proposed not very suitable. I hope new age designer can be more flexible - let the customer choose all their furniture and kitchen (if customer knows what they want) - then the interior designer will design the house based on the furniture and kitchen customer bought, to make the whole house sink into one piece & in harmony. You know ..... we have bought sofa set from Neiviv, Bedroom set from Gudang Homes and kitchen still pending. Interior designer's contractor may not be as good as signature kitchen (although they do kitchen), their beds may not be as strong and good as Dorma bed, their furniture may not be as stylish or contemporary than Gudang/ Neiviv. I know designer wants to give us a total solution but I still prefer Furniture Designer Piece. Sorry .....

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