10 May 2011

Kitchen Idea!

We are getting our keys soon! most probably by next week! With a blink of my eyes, things just pass by like a rocket! I love designing houses, the current condo we lived is design by me, keke ... it was initially very nice - big and spacious, right now it's really messy with additional 50% of the kids things (of course hubby & I contributed alot too). After 5 years of living in a condo, we now need a bigger space :)

The interior design of the new house will be done by me too. I had a problem with my kitchen, because it's odd shape and I have difficulty getting the arrangement I like. I've abandon the kitchen project for many many months, have visited Bulthaup, woodone and M architect/ design house to get ideas. Bulthaup & woodone recommend me to do open concept kitchen and with this idea i don't know how to do my open concept on my kitchen plan, until i visited M A/D house, i was able to draw out my open concept kitchen with Ikea planner! keke, no, May did not give me that idea, it's just the table arrangement she told me and i sort it out myself. 

Hubby wanted to engage them because they provide end-to-end solution. If you know them, they are really good in doing what they do, their customers are BIG as in RICH customers (often appear on papers/ magazine), for them to attend to us is like wasting their time (i know im feeling inferior). Anyway, hubby know them thru projects and because we initially wanted to do some 'project' so we were together, now i wonder if they want to service us because the 'project' of ours is not working out. Anyway, May said normally end-to-end solution is about 30-40% of the cost of the house. TO me is too much lah! I SERIOUSLY rather spend my money on designer furniture, i don't know what hubby thinks. Hope he will find some indon to do the wet works instead! 

Anyway, Am Happy i have the Kitchen plan ready and according to Ikea planner it only cost RM20K without installation lah, so cheap! May said 60-70K ... eeee .... different quality of course. Whatever lah, I'm not living there for the rest of my life, i need to go back to condo when my kids are in college. according to the international school age group, by 16 yrs old they will be studying A-levels (college), hence I will only stay in this house for 10-12 years, at most 15 years! Please god, give me a cheaper solution, we need money for other investment not expense! Stretch our money. AMEN! 

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Anonymous said...

Happy house decorating!
can feel your excitement!