22 May 2011

Internet Workshop

I went for the 3 days internet workshop. MORE UP SELL during the workshop. If I choose to think negatively, they are a bunch of liars who just suck up all your money! (yes! the other side of me does say this OUT LOUD) Their fees is not lesser than JY course. I don't know if those ppl who has never attended JY course will feel heartache to force to buy all the up sell. I've spent big money with JY, I too feel heartache to spent. When i arrive home, hubby ask me sign up another course? I said yes and walk away. I don't know what to say .... I feel the course will help me but I do not know will it end up like this one (not up to my expectation - i do learn some concept lah)

The positive side of me thinks otherwise. There are many internet gurus, I choose those that start from root (without buying software), this guy is what I want. He taught me many useful things like setting up host, buy domain, apply for get response, etc. The whole internet market is actually very complex, you need to sit down and think what you want to do. With this workshop, because it's a win-win, we student sell the guru product. But I'm not into internet marketing niche lah, aii ... I have to spend time to do my own niche stuff. Don't know when will it be up. The next workshop is about driving traffic, current guru also teach you drive traffic lah, but need lots of hard work lor. Looking at their internet pay account (they login on the spot, not printscreen), I cannot believe my eyes - average USD3-5K per week? Their selling is - no need to do anything. Yeah RIGHT! I'm skeptical i know but, these are the people who fail many times on the internet and finally they have something to sell - not from text book. Hence JY price also I pay lah. It's their experience I'm paying, not the product and end results. 

I've made some new friends. Most of them are at their 40s/ 50s. Got to know one property agent, hope he can help me to sell my house at good price. I really have alot to do on what I've learnt.
  1. summarize on my note book
  2. decide how many niches I need
  3. create accounts for all of them
  4. write articles and upload videos
Many gurus, they do things with no conscience, some i cannot follow, so i will drop it. I will just adopt what I feel comfortable with.  In this world, many types of ppl. REALLY. I see them all - (1) ppl who is HUNGRY for money -  at internet workshop, (2) ppl who has too much money - at JY workshop. How they behave? INTERESTING! 

Cannot comment much lah, cos I'm at the HUNGRY for money circle for the last 3 days. hahaha ... I love both circle of friends. They teach you so much about life :)

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