12 May 2011

At work - Thursday

I have been happy at work, ever since i came back from LOA. Reason is, I've meditate and did some affirmation when i return to work, what environment i want, how i feel at work etc. I came to work with full vitality and know it will be a good start and good years ahead. True enough, i had promotion with good increment, people around me starts to be friendly, my work has been busy but smooth (thank god), etc. All these is because i believe i had changed from the inside, hence i see changes from the outside.

This morning, I was so angry - my negative ego appear again. It's a serious one because i can feel the anger rush thru my whole body. I know i express my anger during the call which is no good. It involves worldwide guy from the US, my GMU person + her mgr, my ASEAN counter part and his functional. I feel like crying after the call. I ping Samuel (mgr of GMU) and told him what i feel - I felt so much better after that, how he is going to take me I've no idea, as long as i felt better. I don't know what happen - my right shoulder now is in pain (2 days already) - emotional level means unable to give out, until now dunno what's wrong. Did healing this morning, maybe of this block I cannot handle my anger. hon za she sho nen - clear negative imprint for present, past and future for everyone on that call just now. 

I had emotional problem yesterday too. I think I'm having period now, hence emotional imbalance. Pei gave me one fact - it struck me. Now i understand why i felt that way. I'm cool after that. I hope no emotional pain will continue. All is Well. It will end right Now.

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