26 May 2011

At work - Thursday 2

This is the second at work post, coincidently it falls on Thursday again!

This month is my output month, somomore with fire available (which i lack), it must be a very productive month with recognition! I've no idea it translate to STEEP learning curve! I'm ok lah, but feeling exhausted, another 1 week+ to go, my nobleman is coming again in June ... i guess with nobleman I can relax abit. Someone else can do my work! haha... Fingers crossed! 

My tester is moving on to do other roles, she left me with alot of shit to clean. Treat people good and give them good comment, see what I get in the end?! haih ... she's busy too I guess. nvm I can HANDLE! Early morning kena scold by one seller (she raised her voice) then she said sorry today is not her day with a not very friendly tone. So many pending items because it's month end and all the sellers are moody (cannot meet target) hence I'm being ignored! I've done a few escalation, I'm sorry but i need to get my work done too. My headset purchase for executive is on hold - luckily this procurement lady is able to help me out. Phew ... I just hope i can get it & send to SG by end of next week, if not i'll be in trouble :(

It's eventful May, i learn so much. There are good ones as well :) Pray that everything goes smoothly ... I need a rest.

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