26 August 2011

August Learning

Hi, how's everybody doing so far for mercury retrograding? Have you learn about yourself and start manifesting positive things into your life? I've learn so much, I was feeling upset and tried searching online and have bump into few articles and videos that summarized my learning.

1. learn that all human currently will learn about their pride and humiliation. Funny thing is whenever there is an energy shift I would always be the first few thousand who get hit. Good thing is the information is available to help me 'understand' where it comes from and why it happened & I can help people who will subsequently face it. No bad part I guess, because once I was feeling down, very quickly I have the answer that I want, mostly from the Internet. (from different sources - FB pages or keyword google)

2. Kelly Howell "attract love" shows positive things manifesting. Although I was not diligently listening to it, somehow I see drastic difference within myself.

3. universe is forcing human to let go of materialistic mindset - learn from a video by calleman. I somehow getting it but I don't know if I'm 100% over it.

4. Understand that things will eventually happen, it's all depend on how we human react to it. The philosophy is the same like JY bazi teaching. I initially freak out after watching that video but I will not share it here, we shall not create fear, as the fear energy is contagious and will disrupt the LOVE energy we much needed in this universe. Baseline - start manifesting positive event to your life by affirming positive things to yourself. "we are spiritual beings in a human body - we can have everything we want and we will return to spiritual realm". Last but not least, learn all that you can on this earth school - we are not here to contemplate our suffering/ unhappiness - we shall learn from it and move on.

Love and Light

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