10 August 2011

1st Private Lesson

How I wish I could let andrea go thru the pure suzuki teaching method. I'm always on the mode of Come What May, because i believe in affinity, what the divine wants to present it to me for learnings and also I strongly believe it's always the best that comes my way. Yesterday was andrea's first private lesson with dr.ng, he has corrected her something that makes me very happy [focus on the contact point, bow position when playing, step&skip notes]. I guess the best teacher is the teacher that the student like. However I WILL NOT stop searching for what i wanted. 

I've called up my suzuki piano teacher (friend) in kota kinabalu, sabah. Asked her about the rate they charge, as I wanted to know if they charge per lesson or per month. She gets very irritated when I told her about dr.ng uses encore book when andrea 1st started, keep on saying he is not a pure suzuki teacher. This time she told me she has a friend moved to KL and begin to teach in KL. Asked me to contact her. I searched online and found out that they have a package : suzuki private lesson + suzuki group class + harmonic road (solfege singing, movement, rhythm, keyboard playing, and creative activities). Isn't GREAT? thought of getting vocal class for andrea, with this no need vocal class already!!

The centre is far from where i'm living, but i have a gut feeling this is a total solution centre if you want to learn music - go here. Maybe I shall sign up their Harmonic road course at USJ. Still thinking .... Thank You for answering my prayer so quickly. Appreciate it!

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