02 July 2012

random - july2

For the 1st time i've walked with you and felt your support. I allowed and accept that the universe needed to be in balance and so do us. I gave up the need to be walking infront of you and control every event & situation comes my way. I felt so much peace as I have never felt before. Thank you for sending people and event to boost up my energy ... for the songs and people and communication were so important that I have neglected for a long long time. I was crying in pain for no one understands the pain I'm going thru, like going thru the birth canal. Once you are out, you see the sun and everything seems perfect and loving. For I'm crying with joy for no one understands the 'process' of human evolution as much as yourself, you & me. 

you asked me if I can pull thru this, I told you .. I don't know but i know this calling even before I got married. I tried to control and changed this calling but i failed hence I live in denial for more than 2 years. you ask me again if I can make it. I closed my eye, knowing that you are there for me, i secretly node my head, focusing on the heart chakra, allowing and accepting the need to heal and to be whole. The broken part of me crying in pain, asking for healing only from the light. I need to up my game, destroy and rebuild. Just you and me. Bless be! 

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