27 June 2012

Strawberry Park Resort

Family trip to Cameron Highlands. Pei is on a week holiday before she starts her new posting. She choose to go Cameron and we happily tag along a free trip :) It's  a 2 night stay at Strawberry Park Resort.  This hotel is newly refurbish, the condition is good - a 3/4 star hotel condition and service. I have wonderful mountain view, Breathe in the mountain energy every morning, feels so good :) This resort also comes with free breakfast and dinner, the food are just OK if you are not too fussy. 

Day 1: Strawberry Picking at EQ Farm
Day 2: Tea Plantation, Cactus Farm and Mushroom Farm, High Tea at YTL resort, Starbucks
Day 3: Boh Tea Plantation

Fish plant
I'm Gonna EAT you!

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