04 July 2012

Favorite past time

house chores seems to settle down by itself, no longer feel the need to clean and throw. I throw and clean whatever irritates me. ahh ... i feel much relieve, and things seems to fall in place, part time maid is coming tomorrow :) washing things that I do not like to wash thoroughly. Bliss :) 

Children favorite past time is playing play-doh. They made so many things and it has been 4 consecutive days now, until the play-doh is dried. I think I need to buy new doh for them. This occupies them when I do the house chores or cooking simple meal. Sometimes they would play hotel at the sofas but the best part is, andrea helped to keep whatever stuff she played. I'm a proud mum. Ben will just throw the pillow up on the sofa but andrea will put it nicely and even for play-doh she kept the floor clean! amazing! 

I would read to them at night after dinner. It has been a long long time. I have been complaining that ben do not like to read books, guess what ... he actually does. especially the new caterpillar book I just bought from school. He could ask me read again and again, but i only limit to 2 times cos andrea needs to read her princess book too. I'm happy that they are picking up on books again :) 

another favourite past time they do when I'm washing ... they like to poo together. Which is good for me, so I can wash one shot ... lol .. they seldom fight but ben is still very grumpy, trying to calm him down by using the technique i learn from 'how to talk so kids with listen, and listen so kids will talk". For the past 2 months at home doing nothing only mouth moving ordering the maid around and reading books, I thought to myself - what a life, PLS get a life! Looking back now, actually reading those books does help. Everything in our life is in divine order and divine timing, enjoy every minute of it :) Ben is a tough kid, I need to be tough too! God help me ... shed some light and wisdom. Bless be everyone! 

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